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At Railtec Transfers we manufacture waterslide transfers (decals) for all gauges and hobbies. Our products are used by Bachmann Europe, Peco, Pete Waterman, Direct Rail Services and thousands more. Read our customer testimonials.

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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    34 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
4mm PL1153 Nameplates: Ben Nevis (60029)
2mm 2292 GBRf class 66 First Barbie numbers & white GBRf brandings
4mm 2292 GBRf class 66 First Barbie numbers & white GBRf brandings
2mm PL1140 3d nameplates: Drax Power Station (56123, 66724)
2mm PL1151 3d nameplates: Chinook (66723)
7mm 1372 BR blue ex-LMS NFV parcel vans
4mm 3508 Regional Railways Scotrail brandings & numbers: DMU, mk1/2
4mm 3504 Regional Railways brandings & numbers: mk1/mk2
4mm 3503 Regional Railways brandings & numbers: DMU
4mm 3501 Regional Railways brandings: mk1/mk2 & DMU
4mm PL1151 Nameplates: Chinook (66723)
2mm 4471 BR 24.5t minerals dia 1/115
4mm PL1048 Nameplates: Pride of Crewe (57309)
4mm PL1150 Nameplates: Solent (47813)
4mm PL1149 Nameplates: County of Staffordshire (57308)
4mm PL1060 Nameplates: Chad Varah (57302)
4mm 1991 Complete locos: DRS shunters 08834 08892
7mm 1730 Complete loco: Mainline class 37
4mm 1641 Stewarts Lane SL: 3D loco depot plaques (Mainline)
4mm RN1118 Renumber/rename: 37049 Imperial (BR sub-sector)
4mm RN1117 Renumber/rename: 37322 Imperial (BR large logo)
4mm RN1116 Renumber/rename: 92009 Elgar
4mm RN1114 Renumber/rename: 37043 Loch Lomond (BR blue)
4mm RN1075 Renumber/rename: 60015 Bow Fell (sub-sector)
4mm RN1093 Renumber/rename: 56076 Blyth Power (BR blue)
4mm RN1088 Renumber/rename: 60073 Cairn Gorm (sub-sector)

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs