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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    35 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
7mm 8566 VTG Ferrywagon diag E481
2mm 2221 Complete unit: Northern class 142 (blue/white/purple)
4mm RN1065 Renumber/rename: 56044 Cardiff Canton Quality Approved
4mm RN1070 Renumber/rename: 47086 COLOSSUS (BR blue)
4mm C2003 Complete loco: 2 x pre-TOPS BR blue class 20 w/ your numbers
4mm 2221 Complete unit: Northern class 142 (blue/white/purple)
4mm RN1064 Renumber/rename: 47789 Lindisfarne (Res)
4mm 5807 NIR 450 DMU: N I Railways Translink
4mm RN1101 Renumber/rename: 43077 County of Nottingham
4mm RN1102 Renumber/rename: 43125 Merchant Venturer
4mm 5737 NIR class 80 DMU: Suburban livery
4mm 5805 NIR 450 DMU: Suburban livery
7mm PL1132 Nameplates: Sultan (33025 33114, BR blue)
7mm PL1133 Nameplates: Sultan (33025, civil link / Dutch)
4mm RN1032 Renumber/rename: 33025 33114 Sultan (BR blue)
4mm RN1033 Renumber/rename: 33025 Sultan (civil link / Dutch)
4mm RN1060 Complete loco incl 3d plates: 47401 D1500 Star of the East
4mm RN1059 Renumber/rename: 47380 Immingham (sub-sector)
4mm RN1029 Renumber/rename: 55021 Argyll & Sutherland Highlander
4mm RN1028 Renumber/rename: 47222 Appleby-Frodingham
4mm RN1021 Renumber/rename: 37674 Saint Blaise Church
4mm 5720 NIR/Translink Enterprise 201 locos (revised livery)
4mm 5721 CIE 071/073 celebrity retro livery
7mm 6460 Carflat Motorail pack A
7mm 6461 Carflat Motorail pack B
7mm 6462 FVV Motorail pack A

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs