Railtec Community

Railtec is proud to be part of a dynamic community of talented modellers, some of whom offer their services to others. The aim of this page is a free, good-will service to help hobbiests get in touch with others who may be able to help them.

To request a quote, just click on the email icon - and please remember that many/most of them have day jobs!

The list below is not exhaustive but is an on-going list of those who have been consistently easy to work with over the years, co-supporting decent and moral behaviour with no bad reports within the community of undue delays, broken promises or struggling to retrieve unfinished models.

Please remember that the quality of work may vary significantly, so it's wise to ask to see examples and do some research before making a decision that is in line with your expectations.

List order is generated randomly each time.

Name Areas of Expertise
Jon McGuinness [A1 Weathering] Renumbering, weathering.
Ian Clenton [Mercig Studios] 2mm weathering, resprays, conversions, detailing.
Anthony Sutton [West Coast Resprays] 2mm renumbering, weathering.
Alex Carpenter [ABC Workshops] Renumbering, DCC/sound fitting, weathering.
Andi Walshaw [Cairns Road Works] 4/7mm resprays, DCC/sound, renumbering, weathering.
Michael Doyle 4mm resprays, renumbering, weathering.
Roger Manton [Dodgy's Weathering] Weathering in all scales.
Glen / Carol [GC Weathering] 2/4/7mm weathering, detailing, renumbering.
John Sykes 4mm resprays, renumbering.
David Magill 7mm resprays, weathering, detailing, DCC.
Ben Cambridge [Ben's Resprays] 2/4/7mm resprays, renumbering, weathering.
Kain Harkins 2mm resprays, renumbering.
Colin Makcrow Wagon resprays/detailing.
Dennis Mulhair Servicing, repairs, DCC fitting.
Tony Mirolo Irish/UK resprays, renumbering, weathering.
Jon Harding 4mm resprays, renumbering.
Steve Jones 2mm weathering.
Cliff Williams 7mm DCC/sound fitting.
Scott Bostock 7mm resprays, renumbering.